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Ductless Heat Pump Installation by All Seasons Heating & Cooling, Inc serving Vancouver WA

The best heating and cooling systems can experience challenges during periods of extreme cold and heat. You may feel hot or cold spots in areas of your home or business that are uncomfortable, or have rooms that cannot be heated by traditional means. All Seasons Heating & Cooling can solve this problem with a ductless heat pump installation! These special heat pumps are an efficient way to heat or cool your home without a large renovation.

What is a Ductless Heat Pump?

A ductless heat pump is a heat pump that heats and cools your home. It does not require any ductwork.

How Do Ductless Heat Pumps Work?

Ductless heat pumps are comprised of two components: the outdoor compressor/condenser unit and the indoor air-handling unit. The two devices are connected by a refrigerant line instead of ducts.

Heat pumps transfer the air internally or externally to either cool or heat your home as needed. A heat pump relies only on electricity and is an incredibly efficient way to heat or cool your home, depending on the size of the unit and the size of your indoor space.

Benefits of Ductless Heat Pumps

There are a variety of advantages to owning a ductless heat pump system.

  • Longer lifespans
  • Easy installation: no complicated duct system
  • Small-sized
  • Energy-efficient: these systems can reduce your heating costs by 80%
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Improve air quality with built-in air filter
  • Flexible: the indoor units can ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted, you can also install more than one indoor unit in your home
  • Provide heating and cooling
  • Money-saving: you may also benefit from rebates or tax incentives

Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems Cost

The cost of a ductless heating and cooling system depends on how many units you’ll be installing in your home. One unit typically runs between $3,000 and $6,000. Keep in mind, while these units may cost more upfront, you’ll save more money in the long run because of they’re highly energy-efficient.

How Long Will a Ductless System Last?

The average lifespan of a ductless system is between 15 to 20 years. If you regularly have your system serviced, that lifespan can increase. If you’d like your unit professionally serviced, All Seasons is here for you. We’ll inspect your system, clean the filter, coil, condenser, and pipes so it will continue to properly function for years to come!

Professional Ductless Heat Pump Installation

We offer the most durable heat pumps on the market, combined with the professional training and expert knowledge it takes to solve your heating and cooling problems quickly. We can also help you determine whether your current system needs a simple repair, or whether a total ductless heat pump replacement is necessary. Depending on the age and technology that your current unit uses, a ductless heat pump replacement may be your best option.

Contact our specialists at All Seasons Heating & Cooling and find out more about a ductless heat pump. If you’re concerned about a specific room in your home or business, or if you need a ductless heat pump replacement, we would be happy to answer all of your questions. We will schedule an appointment and provide you with an estimate to help solve your most challenging heating and cooling troubles, and we travel anywhere in the greater Vancouver WA area. Give us a call today!

Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Vancouver WA & Camas WA

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