Carrier® Performance™ Ductless Cassette Heat Pump

The 40MBQB series ductless systems are a matched combination of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor fan coil unit connected only by refrigerant tubing and wires. The in-ceiling cassette fan coils are ideal for retrofit or modernization projects where a false ceiling is available. This selection of fan coils permits inexpensive and creative solutions to design problems such as:

– Add-ons to current space (an office or family room addition)
– Special space requirements
– When changes in the load cannot be handled by the existing system
– When adding air conditioning to spaces that are heated by hydronic or electric heat and have no ductwork
– Historical renovations or any application where preserving the look of the original structure is essential.

The ideal compliment to your ducted system when it is impractical or prohibitively expensive to use ductwork. These compact indoor fan coil units take up very little space in the room and do not obstruct windows. The fan coils are attractively styled to blend with most room decors. Advanced system components incorporate innovative technology to provide reliable cooling performance at low sound levels.


The ductless system design allows individual room heating or cooling when required. There is no need to run large supply-air fans or chilled water pumps to handle a few spaces with unique load patterns. In addition, because air is moved only in the space required, no energy is wasted moving air through ducts.

– Low Sound Levels
– Secure Operation
– Fast Installation
– Simple Servicing & Maintenance
– Individual Room Comfort
– Easy-to-Use Controls
– Factory Installed Condensate Lift Pump

Weight 40.78 lb
Length 25.47 in
Width 25.47 in
Height 12.21 in


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